Geomorphological maps


3D sonar image

For the realization of geomorphological maps, we turn to:

  • Sidescan sonar, GeoAcoustics 100-450 kHz.
  • Profiler 2-16kHz Acoustic Edge Tech 3200P
  • Stratabox sludge profiler 12 kHz
  • Classification of funds Geotexture


Sidescan sonar

This equipment is characterized by a hydrodynamic sensor dragged under the water ("fish") on which are mounted two piezoelectric ceramics, transceiver, which emits a beam to the bottom side with selectable frequencies 100 or 500 kHz.


These ceramics are able to collect the echoes reflected by the topographical features and the materials that form according to its reflectivity, through a surface processor translates into a register in which one can see the qualities of the materials fund, to determine topography, quantifying heights and locations specified, as in a bilateral oblique photograph in question.



Acoustic profiler

The Profiler Acoustic Edge Tech 2-16kHz profiler 3200P is a wide range of funds that works with a pulse generator in FM between 2 and 16 kHz. The acoustic feedback is read on a hydrophone that after passing through a filter pulse compressor generates a high-resolution stratigraphy.












The correct georeferencing of thousands of data collected by different sounders requires sophisticated software packages that correlate data reflect position and allow sonographic images on the computer screen, making mosaics and bring all information into a GIS

For this, the CIS department R & D has developed a open software in collaboration with the Department GPI-RV at the University of Vigo.