Cartography Technical Bureau

It is the department responsible for planning, positioning and delivering results of the bathymetry. Performs surveying with GPS and laser scanner 3D high speed. Provides customer service to customize delivery and complementary products: Geographic Information System, topographic maps, profiles, takeoffs, posters, ..

CIS has a FOCUS 3D scanner for measuring and surveying of high precision. This scanner uses laser technology to generate three-dimensional images of geometries and complex environments in just a few minutes with high accuracy.


3D Survey Image

Ideal for studies in:

  • Architecture and civil engineering
  • Process industry and digital factory
  • Quality control and reverse engineering
  • Surveys of harbors and coasts
  • Volumes in bulk, quarries, etc.


3DLaser Device


Examples of presentation of results concerning mapping:

  • 01.jpg
  • 02.jpg
  • 03.jpg
  • 04.jpg
  • 05.jpg
  • 06.jpg
  • 07.jpg
  • 08.jpg