Our Procedure

CIS guarantees, once the field work, the presentation of the results to the client within 48 hours.

  • 1
    CIS develops through documentation, previous studies for field work.
  • 2
    To determine the paths we take into account the value and direction of the bathymetry and the tidal predictions for the area. The assisted navigation allows you to control all transects are done correctly.
  • 3
    The multibeam bathymetric probe is designed to produce multibeam bathymetric maps digital spacious study areas and with depths of 200 m.

It collects all possible information about the study area: Nautical charts, orthophotos, aerial photos, topography, previous studies, tides and weather forecast ... Planning the route of the vessel to cover the entire study area.




According to the target area, the positioning is performed by, DGPS, RTK on fixed base or RTK on GNSS stations' network.
The wave height is taken from the official gauge or using private ways.